The 2023 YEAR OF BEER is here! Starting in 2023, you will receive fifteen unique beers - available only  to YEAR OF BEER members - organized in 5 unique drops of three products. Plus, you'll receive exclusive merch, just for members!

WILD RIDE was originally developed in March of 2014 - in fact, not long after Geordan's 30th birthday. The second batch was bottled and shared with Geordan's coworkers to celebrate Movember 2014.

This has only been released once at Napanee Beer - our first summer, Geordan brewed a small batch of this. It has been in the vault since then.

This beer originates in April 2014, and was brewed primarily for competition. It has been brewed twice before, but not since 2014 has anyone had a chance to taste it.

You might have noticed stout's are a pretty rare occurrence at Napanee Beer - partially because BLACKLIST kind of fills that void, but also just because Geordan's opinion is that if he's going to spend time on a stout, it's going to be perfect.

This one's a fun one. Sometime in the early 2010's, Geordan travelled to Jamaica for work, where he spent a week enjoying the resort's only beer, Red Stripe, and playing some serious Flip Cup at night with coworkers. On his return, he developed a version of the classic lager, originally called FLIP CUP, then renamed DIVE BAR. This recipe eventually became our DEADLINE Premium Blonde Lager!

WAR BRIDE was another recipe developed alongside BEAR ISLAND, meant primarily for competition. It was actually Geordan's first English Bitter, and remains one of the only truly British beers in his recipe book.
A version of this recipe became FLATFOOT in 2018, which up to this point, is the only English style Napanee Beer has ever released.

Early in his beer adventures, Geordan discovered "Schlenkerla Smokebeer," which could be called The OG Smoked Beer. A rauchbier, German for "smoked beer," is a light, golden lager that is made with a portion of beechwood smoked barley. The result should be a delicately smoked, complex beer that's unlike anything else. It takes a careful hand to do correctly.

The name of this beer is part nostalgia, part historical. Saisons, as a style, were originally a beer brewed for Wallonian farm hands to enjoy during the hot, taxing days in the fields, hence the "field" part. Geordan also has good (if hazy) memories of highschool "Field Parties." So, when it came time to put together a classic Saison for competition, Field Party was the natural name.

So, this will be the very first batch of HYPOCRITE ever brewed. Neat, right? Geordan has had this recipe sitting in his files for almost a decade, but never actually pulled it out and brewed it.

"But how do I know it's going to taste good?" you might ask. Well, Geordan doesn't make bad beer, and a decade of brewing experience means hitting a homerun the first time is standard procedure here at Napanee Beer.

Back in 2019, we were developing a Hazy IPA to submit for LCBO consideration, as they were hazy crazy back then (honestly, they still are.) Geordan did some testing, found a recipe he loved, and then we decided to shelve it to focus on styles more on brand for the brewery.

When it came time to brew NO SAFE HARBOUR in 2021, BREAKWATER was the jumping off point. So if you'd like to taste the beer that gave us NO SAFE HARBOUR, look no further!

Geordan fancies himself something of an expert in dark lagers (and anyone who's enjoyed a BLACKLIST or GOOD DAMAGE would likely agree), and so it was only natural that he'd develop a Dark American Lager as well. This beer is a bit like a lighter, easier-going BLACKLIST, with a body lightened by American adjuncts (in this case, rice).

This one's legendary, at least at least here at Napanee Beer. In fact, this is the oldest recipe in Geordan's file, dating back to 2012 -- everything that came before was other people's recipes, but SHITSHOW was the first beer Geordan sat down, sharpened his pencil, and got to work on. Originally it was just called "Schwarzbier v1," but  the first brewday was an unmitigated disaster - look for details on that story with the beer release.

Considering our current MAYDAY! Belgian Wit has such a cool name, folks are often a bit disappointed to hear that it's just because the original recipe was written on May 1st, 2014, and the name stuck. Back then, this was developed as a true-to-style Belgian Pale Ale (and after some changes, it was brewed as such here at Napanee Beer from 2016 until 2022). This original recipe is very, very different from any MAYDAY you've had before... and it's awesome.

Our flagship EXTREMIST Belgian-style IPA began life back in 2014 as The Extremist Double IPA (interestingly, it was also brewed as West Coast and Milkshake IPAs before we settled on the Belgian). But this original version is an even bigger beer than it is now: over 9% ABV, 100 IBUs, and a bit over the top... which is more or less where the name came from.

... plus three surprise beers that will pop up throughout the year!

The 2023 YEAR OF BEER Subscription is valued at over $500! That's a total of ninety cans of 15 unique beers, available only to Members, plus three unique pieces of Members-only merchandise, all for one low price!

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